There’s a range in levels of valeting I can carry out depending wether you just require an Exterior Maintenance Wash to a Full Deep Clean Detail with Stain Repellent Coatings.
Prices are a guide and prices are always tailored to your requirements to help you get the best out of the work done and for the best price !

Exterior Maintenance Wash £10
~ 3 Stage Safe Wash using high quality products and latest techniques in scratch prevention when washing. Using Pre-Wash, Snow Foam, Ph Neutral Shampoo, Iron Fallout, Microfibre Mitt and Drying Towels.

The Quick One Valet £25
~ Exterior Wash Service with a Basic Interior Clean including Door Sills, Dash Wiped, Glass Clean And Vacuum excl Boot. Rubbish Empty and Air Freshener.

The Standard One Valet £35
~ Similar to The Quick One Valet but in a little more detail including a 2-3 Month Paintwork Sealant, Boot Vacuumed, Dash And Trims Dressed, Mats Shampooed And Air Freshener Deodoriser.

Showroom Finish Valet £50-60
~ Get your car looking it just come out of the showroom again. Full Tar and Iron Decontamination and Deep Exterior Clean finishes with a Gloss Enhancement Sealant And a Full Interior Vacuum And Shampoo Wet Vac. Have that New Car Fresh Smell And Feeling.

Full Interior Valet £30
~ Get your interior looking new and smelling fresh or fruity. A Full Deep Vacuum, Shampoo And Wet Vac And Dash Trims Dressed will leave a fresh interior.
Stain Repellent Is Available just £10 extra.

Any questions or to arrange an Inspection just call or message:

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