Detailing  / Correction

I can Detail and Correct damaged or faded paintwork. Machine Polishing will remove swirl marks, scratches, oxidation and bring back the true colour of the paintwork whilst adding insane gloss levels. The difference between a car looking OK and been Noticed !!
Various Stages of polishing can be required depending on the condition of paintwork and what your trying to achieve with the end result to be.

The Buffer £85
~ This is the Wash and Dry Service with a Single Stage Paintwork Machine Polish Gloss Enhancement. With a Decontamination and High Gloss Level achieved a Wax or Sealant will Be Applied to Protect it.

Loaded Shine £120 ( Price Confirmed on Inspection )
~ This Package is a step up from The Buffer. Best chosen when the paintwork needs more Correction rather than just Gloss Enhancement. Swirls and Light Scratches Removed And a 12 Month Paintwork Sealant Applied.

Fully Loaded Shine ( Price on Inspection )
~ Full Safe Wash, Decontamination and 3 Stage Correction to bring the paintwork back to the best it possibly could be. Sealed and Protected afterwards with a Coating of your Choice.

Ceramic Coating Package 1 Year Option £195 ( Price Confirmed on Inspection )
~ Full Exterior Detail including Decontamination, 2/3 Stage Machine Polish Paintwork Correction, Ceramic Coating Applied to Paintwork, Glass, Trims and Wheels. More Durable Protection than a Wax by far.

Ceramic Coating Package Quartz Option £295 ( Price Confirmed on Inspection )
~ Best form of Protection for your Vehicle using one of the leading Ceramic Coating Suppliers on the market. Tried and tested by myself over the last few years.
High Gloss, Hydrophobic Water Repelling, Protected from External Environment Contaminants.
Have your car looking better than NEW.

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